family photo - history of Riad Tawargit

Our history

A love story with the ocher city

The sense of humor of Marrakchis, their mint tea with unique flavors, the winding alleys of the medina, its lush gardens and its colorful souks, not to mention the bewitching Jemâa-el-fna square.

Seduced by this awakening of the senses and this sweetness of life during my first stay in Marrakech in 2004, I have since stopped coming back again and again ... impossible for me to stop there.

There was first the creation and opening of Riad Tawargit in 2006, then its expansion in the neighboring Riad in 2012.

Riad Ajarif opened its doors in 2019.

Over the years, Marrakech has revealed to me its secrets, its magical and unusual places. And it is from this perpetual wonder that the desire to share its many facets with you was born.

It is therefore natural that Dune-Collection is born today.An exclusive selection of Riads, Villas and Lodges just for you …

But DUNE is above all the first name of my daughter born in 2016.These love stories with DUNE and Marrakech now mingle and become one through Dune-Collection.


Owner of Riad Tawargit and manager of Riad Ajarif

Founder of Dune-Collection, Marrakech